India & Smart Cities: The mobility roadmap

While Delhi grapples with the odd-even car formula, a study of the Smart City proposals submitted to the Centre show that a large number of cities have stressed on redesigning the way they manage their urban mobility. Most plans are either for greater pedestrianisation, creating cycling tracks and promoting other forms of non-motorised transport such as GPS-enabled e-rickshaws. At the other end of the spectrum, plans include smart parking or IT-enabled solutions for traffic management.

The Smart City mission has two components: area-based development for smaller areas within the city and pan-city development where one idea is implemented all throughout. According to officials from the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), among other things, area-based plans allow for the purchase of buses and other means to augment public transportation. Pan-city development has no provision for such capital investment on transport but requires the application of information technology-based solutions for better traffic management.

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