This is a community of city professionals exploring the most important factors that hinder the broad rollout of Smart Cities today. Click here to join!
The objective of this extended leadership network is to engage city stakeholders, on a global basis. We are hosting and organizing here a range of in-depth discussions that add value for city leaders, providing much more than a high-level networking platform. We focus on the top “pain points” that hold back smart city development in areas such as:
· Mobility
· Water
· Energy
· Cybersecurity and privacy
With their contributions, community members will help shape the final programme of the first World Smart City Forum in Singapore (add link to that page)

If you are a professional who is directly concerned by Smart City development, for example, a city planner, architect, utility executive, transport planner, safety/security or data specialist, technical solution provider, etc. then this community is for you.
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