March Google Hangout with Graham Colclough

18 Feb 2016
18:00 GMT
Google Hangout

March Google Hangout with Graham Colclough

Watch Graham Colclough, Urban DNA partner, discussing pain points for urban mobility.


Graham Colclough - An international business leader, UrbanDNA partner

An international business leader with a wealth of cross-sector experience from concept to operations, having lived and worked in multiple countries. Following field development roles with the oil giant Shell, and global leadership roles in Capgemini, Graham formed UrbanDNA a specialist cities partnership.

Graham is presently driving the global smart cities agenda through positions within the European Commission (EC) Smart Cities & Communities Innovation Partnership (EIP); UK Ministerial Smart Cities Forum; ‘6-Nations’ Smart Cities Forum; City Protocol Society; ISO Smart City Strategic Advisory Group; and board of the UK Cities Standard Institute. He advises, shapes, leads, and delivers programmes and solutions for (groups of) cities and industrials seeking to make step-change improvements in cities. Graham brings leadership, innovation, and dynamism to his work – with a passion for seeing delivery of better client and business outcomes as a result.


Watch the hangout live below or click to watch it on Google Plus here: