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    Guillaume SOULERES

    I’ve always felt that people sketching Smart City projects were too often focusing on geeks, and not on the ones left behind by technology. What do you think?


    Digital technologies are a major vector for the transformation of our lives: they change the way we access information, the way we communicate with one another, the way we consume -be it virtual content or physical goods-, the way we interact with our environment… They are also changing our cities, being enablers for Smart Cities.

    Yet, some people still don’t have access to digital devices and connections, intentionally or not. We often hear that smart cities can’t exist without smart citizens, but can non-smart citizens live in a Smart City and benefit from it? A new kind of digital divide may rise with Smart Cities, between those who can and want to access innovative services, and those who can’t or won’t. And the recurrent reaction of developing municipal WiFi networks can’t solve it all…


    I published the full article on our website.

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