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    Sylwia Korsak

    Great article from our partner - Smart Cities Council - on how sensors can help:

    The problem…
    Northern governments responsible for maintaining those roads use sensors embedded in the ground to help them determine when to impose — and when to lift — seasonal load restrictions (SLR). But those sensors need to be read manually to collect temperature data, which is typically done only every week or two. As Miller pointed out, the decision to impose an SLR can be costly for the trucking industry which is required to make more trips with lighter loads and the people who depend on them. That, and if the restriction is imposed for too short a time, the roads are likely to sustain more damage.

    And a promising solution…
    In a pilot study now underway, Miller and others at the university deployed transmitters for the sensors to allow the temperature data to be sent by satellite. The transmitter-sensor combination allows temperature changes to be monitored twice a day, and additional information such as air temperature also is fed into the monitoring system.

    The expectation is that once cost (data collection via satellite is expensive) and connectivity issues are resolved, the technology will be made available to other northern states. Miller said it could also be used to track rising sea levels and provide flood information to local governments in coastal areas.

    Do you have examples of similar initiatives around the world? If so, please share. Thank you!

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