World Smart City Forum 2018

The ITU, in partnership with the IEC and ISO, is organizing the World Smart City Forum in Santa Fe, Argentina. This event brings together regulators, academics, the industry as well as experts in smart city standardization.

This year, the World Smart City Forum will discuss such issues as the challenges facing smart city development, how stakeholders can collaborate in the implementation of smart city strategies, current innovations and technology trends and how standardization can support smart city solutions. The one-day event will feature speakers from all parts of the world who will share their experiences in developing smart city solutions.

IEC General Secretary Frans Vreeswijk will deliver the opening remarks alongside Chaesub Lee, Director of Telecommunication Standardization Bureau at the ITU and Sergio Mujica, CEO of ISO. In addition, Heng Qian, convenor of the working group on smart cities for the ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee and Michael Mulquin, Chair of the IEC Systems committee on smart cities, will both moderate sessions.

The IEC organized the first World Smart City Forum in 2016 in Singapore, recognizing that no single organization can provide standardization solutions for smart cities. A holistic approach, based on the cooperation between standardization organizations, is needed that brings together the expertise of each organization. ISO organized the second World Smart City Forum in 2017 which took place in Barcelona.

The World Smart City partnership seeks to develop consensus-based standards for smart city solutions based on the requirements of stakeholders. It is driven by four basic principles:

  1. understand the needs and pain-points of smart cities communities
  2. demonstrate how international standards add value and can support cities to achieve their strategic and societal goals
  3. forge a stronger relationship between  IEC, ISO, ITU, and cities
  4. support the long-term development of smart cities through an aligned approach between  IEC, ISO, and ITU

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