3 traffic myths that just won't die


3 traffic myths that just won’t die

Traffic congestion is getting worse in most places and it’s a huge drain on the economy. Not to mention a huge source of discontent amongst voters. Yet cities keep falling for the same stupid traffic myths. And when they make those same mistakes, they delay real progress for years.

So if improving traffic is on your agenda, please be sure that your city doesn’t fall for any of these myths. Yes, there are ways to improve traffic 20-30%. But these three will fail. — Jesse Berst

Over the course of a year, the typical American commuter spends more than an entire work week stuck in traffic jams. Traffic congestion equals wasted time, wasted fuel and more carbon in the air. And the problem is only getting worse according to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute Urban Mobility Scorecard.

Frustrated commuters want their cities to do something — but what? As you work on your transportation strategy, check out 10 traffic myths compiled by The Atlantic’s CityLab. The list contains some surprises. Some tools you might have immediately dismissed can actually prove effective, while others may not be as helpful as they seem at first glance. Here are three myths to avoid:

1. You can help the problem by building more roads

2. We can’t implement bike lanes because they slow down traffic

3. It will take a massive, expensive, time-consuming project to improve traffic

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